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Weird artists

Weird artists

For next Monday, I have a ticket for the big Hieronymus Bosch exhibition at the Prado Museum in Madrid. I am very curious to see what will be shown. Bosch is the pre-eminent painter of the most wondrous creatures and unusual scenes. The exhibition is organized to celebrate the five hundredth year of the Dutch painter’s death. Bosch, named after the city Den Bosch where he was born, lived almost simultaneously with Leonardo da Vinci. He is buried in the cathedral of his birthplace.


Of course, his home town Den Bosch has organized all kinds of commemorative festivities and not just an exhibition of his work, but also a tour on the roof of the St John´s cathedral. We were lucky we had entrance tickets when we were in The Netherlands last month. The roof walk was a surprising experience. From close quarters, we could admire the almost hundred statues on the flying buttresses and chapels.

calling angel Den Bosch Holland

Calling angel

One of the most recently placed statues ( 2011) is an angel on the roof of a chapel. A substitute for a deteriorated one. It is a normal angel, but if you look closely you can see that she is calling from her mobile phone! Humour on the roof of the church! It could be yet a modern version of the wondrous creatures in the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch.

Whatsmore, the angel has a number you can call!  Benefits from the calls are used for the church’s restoration. A jolly side of Dutch business sense.

Have a try yourself: 0900-7468526

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