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Some thoughts on preparing the palette

Some thoughts on preparing the palette

Never skimp on the good stuff. Cheap materials make cheap artwork!

Put enough paint on your palette without retrenchment. Especially the colours you will use often, such as white, yellow ocher, cadmium red and burnt sienna. I often see students adding medium hoping to obtain more amount of paint.  Always use the same order. The sequence you determine yourself, for example the darks left, white in the middle, and the lights on the right, or from dark to light with white left. Or the yellows and reds at the right and the blues and greens at the left side. It does not really matter as long as you always keep a fixed order. You must find your way blindly. (keep your kitchen organized!)Read more

Portrait painting lessons (5)  flesh colours

Portrait painting lessons (5) flesh colours

In portrait painting it is all about putting the right colour on the right place.
As simple as that. And I've spent my entire artistic career with the question  “What is the right colour and where is the right place?”
Major problems should be divided into smaller ones. Also in portrait painting. Like the composition, the drawing, the colour contrast, the ciaroscuro, the likeness. All these topics should be solved individually. So I was convinced of the importance of coming up with a reliable approach to portrait painting. Each artist has his own method, either self invented or handed by teachers. As a painter I am selfmade. Over the years I gathered information from wherever I could. I found my way of working, allthough I keep changing now and then. Here I like to share my experiences.Read more

Portrait painting and likeness?

Portrait painting and likeness?

Likeness in portraiture, a challenge and a source of trouble.

A good portrait must fulfill the two basic requirements: perfect similarity and good artistic characteristics, and it seems that sometimes the two are at odds. I know from experience that I was more prudent in my approach with commissioned portraits than non-commissioned artwork and the more I progressed during the years the more I was able to grasp at these things. But still sometimes it is difficult.Read more

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