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Free tutorials on youtube

Four ways to begin a portrait.

Portrait of Rob.

Portrait of a friend.

Short demonstration of the portrait of the little girl, here below.

Demonstration how to start a portrait in oil.

This video shows the making of a group portrait.

My first video in speedpainting: Portrait of a little girl.

Interview by Jennifer Chai Chang.

Grandfather & Granddaughter.

Comment Section

23 thoughts on “Free tutorials on youtube

By LaTrice Brandon on 3 December 2017

This is impressive indeed. Thank you for sharing such talent. Is it possible for you to demonstrate some techniques or present a tutorial on painting portraits of people with different skin color, hair type etc?

By Michael P. Reeves on 8 June 2015


By john on 5 May 2014

You are a big master…I am your fan.

By Helen Donlan on 22 April 2014

Your work is wonderful and I can’t even express how grateful I am to even have been able to watch it here. Thank you so much. You are an inspiration – your work captures the spirit of these people and your “craft”smanship is extraordinary.
My next goal in life is to now travel to France to take a class with you.

Helen Donlan

By judith kawohionalani on 13 February 2014

I absolutely love your style of painting! I am going to purchase your dvd on how to paint a portrait. I love the one of the young girl with the bandana on her head. Thank you so much, your talents will help me sooooo much!

By K.Subramanyam on 20 November 2013

Hi Ben,

your paintig style i like very much,i felling follow your style sir i am a big fan you still now i follow your work and i learn from your online your clipings.

Thanks for giving this Appertunity in web sight.

Thanks & Regards,
Andrapradesh- India,

By Trish Ritchings on 7 October 2013

Thank you so much for your advice and dvds. They are invaluable as I am doing my first portrait painting and it’s of my father.

By Paul Hurley on 22 June 2013

Hi Ben thanks again for the DVD plenty of tips I’m still trying its hard but still trying can’t seem to put the colours in the right place it hard to understand I’m self taught but love your work can’t wait for your next DVD thanks again

By Jenny Boon on 24 April 2013

Hello Ben

Thank you for sharing your methods of portrait painting. I admire the liveliness of your portraits. Although I have already painted quite a few portraits, it is always a challenge to get the portrait to live. Thanking for helping with this.
Greetings out of South Africa
Jenny Boon

By José Elfers on 2 April 2013

Hello Ben . I just saw Jennifer’s interview with you. Very pleased to meet you .
So nice to hear your story.

By Lee Forbes on 9 March 2013

Thank you for contributing your talent with those of us on the internet. It is such a joy to paint and you only add to the joy with your gift.

By micheal joyce on 7 March 2013

Brilliant videos and I have learnt some many tips in such a short space of time. I am aged 65 and am endeavouring to paint everyday people doing everyday “stuff” like Norman Rockwell. Your portraits are an inspiration. Do you ever have exhibitions in Britain?

By ben on 8 March 2013

Hi Michael.
Thank you for your comment. I am always glad to hear my videos are helpful. Portrait painters usually don´t make exhibitions so often. Some years ago I had one in Holland and it was quite an effort to collect all the work.
Kind regards.

By Roberto Mendes on 25 February 2013

Hi Ben ! I am brazilian. I Like painting portrait. It’s your artwork is beautiful ! Congratulations ! Please me help. I painting girl blond and face white ,and blues eyes…how flesh tones to use ? Thanks !

By ben on 25 February 2013

Hi Roberto.
I cannot tell you how to make the flesh tones without seeing the photograph. Usually there is white, yellow ochre and cadmium red in the basic light colours. The shadow always depends on the circumstances.

By craig tutin on 26 January 2013

Dear Ben,

you’re paintings are amazing, thank you for sharing your experts with such novices as myself, i have learned more in 15 minutes from watching your quick portrait demo’s than i have learnt from hours of reading books on portrait painting. many thamks !!

By Paul Hurley on 2 October 2012

I love all your paintings your realy the best thanks again

By Krishna Kumar on 18 July 2012


Your portraits are wonderful. I loved each one of your portraits.

Thanks for sharing.


By Ardeshir Bagheri on 14 July 2012

My Dear
I congratulate you for your life achievements. You are a real Master.
I am sixty as you are,and as my hobby in retirement ages,I am painting ,Portrait , still life, and land escapes .
But I am wondering about the materials you use.
Please tell me Old classic holland or W&N or williams hand made ,oil pigments ,or whatever ,which one you prefer?what brand of oil you use?
wish you happiness

By ben on 14 July 2012

Dear Ardeshir.
Thank you for your Kind words. What materials do I use? I am really happy with Rembrandt/Talens. Ofcourse in Holland one of the best is Old Holland/Scheveningen. But that is more expensive and not available here in Spain.
where I live. W&N is perfect and Mussini also. But since I am Dutch I am proud of the perfect quality of Talens. For me it has a perfect balance of paint-oil.
Kind regards.

By henie cray on 2 June 2012

Ben,i wd love to see u do some potraits of people of african origin. maybe sme in your bye

By Monika Sachs on 10 April 2012

I love studying and I think this website got some genuinely utilitarian stuff on it! .

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