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Portraits in steel

Portraits in steel

A few times I have shown the work of my wife. You know she is a sculptress. Lately she’s occupied with the inventory of her entire oeuvre. I help her setting up the picture archive.

We came across images of some earlier work; steel faces. These “portraits”, sculptures in steel, by no means of course, have relationship with my work. Not in the remotest way. Although you can not say they are figurative, they do have a realistic starting point. I see them as metaphorical statements. I have always found them really special and they are very familiar and most dear to me.

Helma Vanrens. portrait

Black steel, 30 cm. high.

Helma Vanrens. Portrait

Black steel. 25 cm. high.

Portrait by Helma Vanrens

Painted steel, 73 cm. high.


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