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Sorolla in Segovia

Sorolla in Segovia

Last week we spent a week with family in Segovia, Spain, the city north of Madrid in the highlands of Castille. Sorolla also visited this place when he worked on his ambitious project of decorating the Hispanic Society in New York. The commission that took 8 years of his life. (1911/1919) In 2007 14 hugh paintings were restaurated and shown in Valencia.


Paintings of sorolla hispanic society new york

Hispanic Society New York

Segovia. If you visit the city and the surrounding area and keep away from the many tourists, you see that although a hundred years later, the atmosphere still reflects what Sorolla depicted as exquisite. A monastery, some groups of trees and beyond the bare hills, all in that fantastic loose brushwork. The symphony of colours, in full saturation, always forms a great harmonious unity. The ingenious, but seemingly painlessly composed compositions.
Sorolla is a painter who will never let you go. He’s the one who speaks to us: Come on, pick up your brushes and go out. Paint what you see!

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