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Reckless and irreversible

Reckless and irreversible

Recently I came across an image of a painting from the series “Portraits of Valencia “. It is called Man on the Bridge. I made some paintings with this theme probably more than ten years ago. I dedicated more time then to paint subjects other than portraits. Maybe I should resume this and make some uncommissioned work again. The painting was not bad, I guess. I say was, because it no longer exists in this form. One day I wondered if another cut would be better. With strips of paper I covered the picture to get an impression of a new crop. Recklessly I took the rash decision of putting the knife in. I trimmed the canvas! The truncated version hangs now at a friends place. I guess they do not know about the original version. But I regret the error. Why didn´t I see, I was about to commit a big mistake and ruin a good picture? So I warn you all, don´t be too quick with decisions that are irreversible.

Man on the bridge. Oil on canvas

Man on the bridge. Original version

Trimmend version.

Trimmend version

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4 thoughts on “Reckless and irreversible

By Maria on 29 July 2014

Siempre digo que es mejor no quitar; si acaso, poner; pero además tengo que añadir a este comentario, que en casos como el tuyo, Ben, no hay que desechar ni una sóla de tus pinceladas; ni un sólo cm2 de tus cuadros. Todo lo que he visto siempre me ha parecido de una calidad extraordinaria… y especialmente este cuadro me encanta! Habrá mas sorpresas?

By ben on 29 July 2014

Lamentablemente si, hay mas sorpresas. Pero de esas ya no existe evidencia.

By Annemarie van der Sterren on 20 July 2014

het was inderdaad een mooi schilderij en jammer dat je er een deel vanaf gehaald hebt. Het is een prachtige manier om weer te schilderen.

By ben on 21 July 2014

Ja, ik zal weer eens wat meer vrij werk moeten maken. Voorlopig echter nog niet. Gr.

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