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Portraits of children

Portraits of children

With each assignment, the model is new to me. Therefore an extensive acquaintance is essential. It is important to get to know each other. This applies to adults, but even more to children. They might see me as an intruder, a strange guy with a camera.

Sporadically I had my share of difficulties, as in the portrait “Mother and Daughter”. The girl was unmanageable. The mother panicked and tried to calm down her daughter. Things almost went out of hand so I had to intervene in an authoritarian yet elegant way, that took the kid by surprise. At the end I was very exhausted but I had good stuff to work from.

(The client was happy with the portrait.)

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One thought on “Portraits of children

By anna on 12 June 2017

Children are such a happy medium for painting but It takes skill. I love your work

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