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Portrait painting and inspiration.

Portrait painting and inspiration.

Sometimes I wonder why I want to paint a good portrait. Where does that fervour come from? I’ve never been able to answer that question. And it should stay like that, I guess. That everlasting urge, that gruelling passion; I have learned to live with it. I say learned, because it was not always an easy road. More than once, I was jealous of people without any ambition.

About inspiration, I have a clearer picture. I can very much enjoy somethingthat is really perfect and where I feel an instant connection with my own work. This could be a beautiful painting by Singer Sargent, but also a fantastic goal from Barcelona soccer player Lionel Messie can inspire me to do my outmost to paint a perfect portrait. However, often it is music that moves me. Classical, but also pop or country. I show two videos here which greatly affect me. The simplicity and perfection appeals to me over and over again. It makes me happy. I would love to paint in that way! (click the Jason Mraz video on Watch on Youtube)


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One thought on “Portrait painting and inspiration.

By Helga Parker on 26 February 2017

Thank you Ben for sharing these music videos and the second one I know very well. My granddaughter use to have this song on her answering message on her cell phone. Love all music it has a calming effect on one’s soul.
I also feel that unrelenting drive to master painting a good portrait. Like you said “That everlasting urge, that gruelling passion” that is with me everyday and will not let go, but I love it and the way I see it what else is there in live. I have learned a lot since I took your workshop in 2014 and I am still at it, I mean the learning part. Too much to share here, so keep doing what you are doing it is all fantastic, thank you.

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