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Portrait painting from photography

Portrait painting from photography

There is no argument against the working from photography in portrait painting. I say it once again loudly and clearly. And for the umpteenth time, of course, it is essential to study from observation. That is the basis of your artistic skills. But one does not exclude the other. Certainly not if it is about a commissioned portrait. The invention of photography is thus a blessing for us, portrait painters. I know this world from within and know what I’m talking about. Almost all of my colleagues use photographic reference, but many talk mysteriously about it.

Based on the accompanying images (all commissions) , I show that photography is an indispensable element. Without it, I could not make these assignments.

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Young ballerina. oil painting by Ben Lustenhouwer

Young ballerina

Little boy. Oil painting by Ben Lustenhouwer

Little boy.

L. Evening sun at the beach. oil painting by Ben Lustenhouwer

L. Evening sun at the beach.

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