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Painter with the large brush

Painter with the large brush

During all the last week of August, Chelva celebrates its annual festival: Las Fiestas de Agosto. There is plenty to do. Fireworks, music, dancing for young an old, religious processions, paella competitions, too many events to mention.

It is also the week for gatherings of family and friends. Normally Chelva has 1300 permanent residents. During the festival week, more than five thousand people return to their native village. It is a hive of activity.


This year we are joining in the street decoration contest. Participants in this contest do their utmost to decorate their streets in the most original way. In the following week the jury comes along and decides who will win prizes. Although we do not have high expectations because a few blocks away it already looks fantastic, it is fun to join in. In the next post I’ll show you some more of the decorations and maybe I will also be able to say whether we won an award.

So this week I’m a painter with the large brush; as they say in Spain: Pintor de brocha gorda.

Street decoration Chelva


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