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Oil painting technique.

Oil painting technique.

This post is about brushes for oil painting techniques. As you may have noticed, recently I was able to dedicate more attention to landscape painting. It took a long time; I was too busy with my portrait commissions. The surroundings of the town of Chelva, where we live, are beautiful and very picturesque. There are countless places asking to be painted. And that is what I do. 


The landscape or plain-air painting technique is essentially different from portrait painting. The lack of needing a resemblance enables you to work much more loosely and in freestyle.

One of my recent discoveries is Rosemary’s extra-long hair brushes. At first I had to get used to the brushes, but now I cannot do without themDue to the long hair and the suppleness of the brush, a new handwriting is arising. It’s hard to explain, so I recommend: try those weird looking brushes!

It will also benefit your portrait painting technique!

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