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Mum, I wanna be a carpenter!

Mum, I wanna be a carpenter!

As a young child I knew what I wanted to be. Not a fireman or a pilot. I wanted to be a carpenter. My neighbour was a carpenter and it seemed to me the best job in the world. When I told this to my mother one day, she replied literally, “No, Ben, you can do more.” However, I wanted nothing else. With my very first pocket money I bought a bag of brand new nails at the hardware store. I had seen my dad always dabbling with these bent, rusty things that needed to be straightened. All that fiddling, not my thing. No. I had made up my mind. I wanted to tackle things rigorous from the start. But… I did not become a carpenter.

My self built studio. Paterna 1997

My self built studio. Paterna 1997

Eventually I went into art, portrait painting. And devotedly. It’s come to dominate my life as I wrote you last week. But besides painting I did however teach myself carpentry as a hobby. Once in Spain, I got the opportunity to build my own studio. And I seized this chance with both hands. From the first construction drawings to the building itself. The masonry, the welding work, the plumbing, the electricity, and of course the carpentry, everything done by myself, albeit with the help of my wife. It has become a perfect studio and a wonderful workplace. That was fifteen years ago. Recently we moved to an other place and I work in a different studio now. Strangely enough I don´t miss my old studio. Maybe the building process itself was more important than the finished result (traveling is better than arriving, so it often goes).

Below more pictures of the building site.

building an art studio

Building my studio.

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One thought on “Mum, I wanna be a carpenter!

By Agustin Malave on 26 October 2014

Hola Ben,

Me encantan tus retratos, ojalá yo pudiera pintar retratos solo un poco parecidos a los tuyos.

No sabia que habias vivido en España, no se si aun vives aqui. Es curioso, porque yo voy a Holanda con mucha frecuencia, mi hijo vive alli, casado con una holandesa, y mi precioso nieto alli esta tambien.

Es un placer leer tu websita y ver tus videos en youtube, gracias por compartir tu arte con nosotros, los amateurs.

Un saludo afectuoso,


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