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I loved all kinds of drawing

I loved all kinds of drawing

tafelpootWhen I was 11 years old I received my first drawing lessons from Beatus Nijs. I´ve written about him before. To him I owe much of the success of my entire career. He was like a father to me. He encouraged me enormously and made me draw everything that was available. He once  gave me a table leg to study as homework. I found a drawing pad of mine from 1964 with this pencil drawing. I was 13 years old. If you look closely you can see on the right side Beatus´ drawing correction.

Steamlaundry. Originally from IJsselmuiden. Now in The Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen.

Steamlaundry. Originally from IJsselmuiden. Now in The Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen.

I became interested in every kind of drawing, including technical drawing. I must have been 22 years old when I took perspective lessons from a English technical illustrator. Later I made many “exploded views”, most of them in airbrush, and some “cutaway views” like this one of a Dutch steam laundry. An illustration in watercolour made in 1983. It combined my passion for engineering, construction, and technical drawing skills. I made this picture on my own initiative and published it as a poster. It was sold in the Zuiderzee Museum in Holland. I don’t know whether it still is available there. I loved the making more than the rest of the business.



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2 thoughts on “I loved all kinds of drawing

By Sam Wade on 30 May 2016

Dear Ben,
I just received your latest newsletter! – Thank you so much!. I must tell you how fantastic and beneficial it is to see a photograph of the subject next to the final painting!. It gives real insight into what is important and what is not so important in portrait painting. The only thing I would say is could you upload larger images as that would be of great help in seeing the brushwork and viscosity of the paint.

I am also thrilled to hear you will be doing another Video demonstration. For people like me who live on the other side of the earth it is a god send!. I only wished I had found you 10 years ago when I lived in England & Germany.

In reference to your canvas preparation video, can you give a reason why you add Ivory Black and Yellow Ochre to the gesso, and do you do the same for all your canvases?.

Best Regards,

By Ben Lustenhouwer on 10 June 2016

Dear Sam.

I am glad you like my newsletter.
I add some black and ochre to the canvas to make it a sort of off-white.I hate the white canvas to start with.

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