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Examples in detail

Examples in detail

Detail of the painter portrait

Detail of the painter portrait

Detail of the original photograph.

Detail of the original photograph.

Last month someone asked for the original photographs of “Little Boy” and “Little Girl”  From today they are free to download here. I’ve also added the pictures of the painted portraits.



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Today you will receive my November newsletter. In the past I could see that some people did not open it. I guess that could be due to the fact that the message disappears in the spam folder and therefore it can be overlooked.

I hope that all people who get it, also be able to read it. So check your spam folder.

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One thought on “Examples in detail

By Russ in México on 7 November 2016

Yes! Yes! Yes! ¡Si Señor! Thank you for the close-in detail because that is SO much of how you see “how it is done”. Maybe you can show some more in the not too distant future (hint, hint) Also, I received the newsletter for November with the download link for “100 Portraits”. ¡Que regalo mas especial para todos nosotros sus alumnos!

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