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Our midweek portrait drawing session

Fellow artists meet with me in my studio every week for several hours to draw or paint portrait from a live model. The group is of variable composition and we are of different nationalities. We come from various art disciplines but we all have in common that we are addicted to pencils and brushes.

drawing from observation

Our midweek drawing session.

portrait in charcoal

My study in charcoal


Satisfactory deliveries of some commissions

delivering a portrait commission

Delivery in the gallery

The delivery of a portrait. After all these years, I am used to it. For the client, however, it´s a special moment. This time, transfer was in Amsterdam at Galerie Morren, who mediated this commission. In addition to the customer and his wife, a number of family members were also present. There was good wine and delicious snacks: portrait delivery is always a party.

And last weekend there were more commissions to hand over. It was the same celebration everywhere. Delicious cocktails or a nice glass of champagne. I really enjoy the coziness and the compliments. But honestly, I always want to leave after a while. Receiving compliments is fine, but it should not take too long ...

The portrait still in my studio

The portrait still on my easel

Portrait commissions to be delivered

Fragile Art work
 Just up and down to the Netherlands, to deliver a few portrait commissions, and to meet a new client.

This time I carry the canvases as checked baggage, and I assume (hope) that no damage occurs during transportation. On the way back, a flash trip via Paris to visit my friends in La Charité-sur-Loire where I will be teaching my 2016 summer workshops portrait painting.

See you next week.

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