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Portraits and landscapes show

Portraits and landscapes show

Once back, safe and sound from my portrait painting workshops in France, I started the preparations for my show here in the village, in August. The titel will be: “Portraits of Chelva”. Landscapes and Plain-air paintings of the Chelva surroundings. Also a number of portraits of local people, from our weekly live-model sessions in my studio. I brought some 40 paintings to the frame maker.

The show is open during the week of the “fiestas” in august. So if you happened to be around…

Portraits of Chelva by Ben Lustenhouwer

A selection

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One thought on “Portraits and landscapes show

By Marius on 27 November 2017

Wow.. I’m so excited to come around and see what you ‘ve got. I’m very much interested in the portraits of local people. I really look forward to seeing your exhibition. Do keep us posted.

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