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My last post

My last post

To all my loyal readers.

In recent years I wrote my weekly blog post about many topics, related to the world of portrait painting. My intention was to create  of source of information where everyone could find something to his liking. Occasionally a personal story.

333 posts in all those years. Lately I realized that I was going to repeat myself. That’s why I decided to stop those contributions. The site will continue to exist and will become more accessible and clearer in the future so that all information will be easily found.

And I will continue writing! Starting next month I will keep you informed of plans, new videos and developments on my newsletter, which now has thousands of subscribers.

So keep an eye on that. We’ll see each other again there. (Of course I stay active on Facebook and Youtube.)

It really has been a pleasure to be connected with people all over the world. Thank you!

See you soon.


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One thought on “My last post

By Gina T on 15 March 2018

333 Posts, and this is the first one that I have read!!! Clearly I have my work cut out for me. Mr. Lustenhouwer, I so enjoy your videos of portrait painting and drawing. I identify with your style of work which is both accurate and a bit loose. I can’t wait to read more.

Thank you so much for giving back to the artist-in-training community.
My best to you and yours,
Gina in Western North Carolina, USA (Asheville area)

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