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My art show in Chelva

My art show in Chelva

The Arrabal district, where we live, is hundreds of years old. Some buildings date from the Middle Ages. Next to our house is the former Mezquita of Benaeça, built in 1370.

In 1525 the chapel was converted for Christian services. After the restoration in 2001 this historic building obtained heritage status and is the venue for lectures, music and theatre performances, book presentations and exhibitions.

This year I had the honour to show my work there. Yesterday was the opening. I am very proud of this opportunity. The forty paintings all relate to this village. Half are landscapes from the immediate area and the others are portraits of locals, most of them from our Tuesday evening model sessions.

Yesterday, therefore, was the opening. Lots of interest and many compliments. In fact, I have to thank the residents of Chelva. We have been living now for ten years in this beautiful village. We feel very welcome and we are pleased with the full acceptance.

Below are some works of the exhibition.

panorama of Chelva in twilight. oil painting by ben Lustenhouwer


Lavadero de Embarániz Chelva. Oil painting by Ben Lustenhouwer

Lavadero de Embarániz Chelva

Portrait of Samuel. oil painting by Ben Lustenhouwer

Portrait of Samuel

Portrait of Manrrones. oil painting by ben Lustenhouwer

Portrait of Manrrones

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