Christmas and New Year´s Special

2 DVD´s 99 USD (€ 84)

Offer valid till January 15th 2018


Especially for Christmas and New Year I started the offer of two DVDs at a discount of almost 50%

  • Portrait of a Little Boy deals with a fair skin complexion. 157 minutes
  • Portrait of a Little Girl explains the special approach for a half-dark skin complexion. 145 minutes


What can you expect? Clear information, step by step, about:

    • How to get started
    • Why to make an underpainting
    • What medium to use
    • How to prepare the basic flesh colours
    • How to check the values
    • How to achieve likeness
    • How to stay organized

Physical DVD. Free shipping by mail to your home address. A unique gift to give. Worldwide playable: region free.