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Back home again.

Back home again.

Having an “encounter with health”, as they say here, I was hospitalised for two weeks and could not write my weekly blogs. Now I am back home again and with nothing but good news. So don´t you worry.


Do you remember yourself as a kid, sick in your bed, making monsters out of the cracks and patterns on the wall? my wife asked me. Yes, I remember.

No cracks in hospital walls to make monsters out of. But seated every day for hours next to my bed staring at the same point I could not avoid seeing imaginative forms where they were not.bottle-of-wine

I detected a bottle of wine under my bed! Squinting my eyes, I linked the wheel of my bed with the reflection on the floor: a good bottle of wine. Wishful thinking? Who knows.

Soon I shall take my first glass of wine and we will toast the happy ending!

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