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Artificial light for a painter´s studio

Artificial light for a painter´s studio

This week I received a question on how I light my studio.

The answer is to be found in the menu Tips & tricks. However I repeat that topic

My Studio in Chelva does not have sufficient daylight. So I decided to use a fluorescent lighting. I mounted four standard light boxes with eight fluorescent tubes of 150 cm. 

I soon noticed that painting in artificial light is rather tricky. Although I used daylight tubes my portraits became far too red in real daylight conditions.  So I had to change the tubes for more specialized ones.

Now I have four Osram l 58w./965 luminlux de luxe and four Philips TLD90-85w./950 de luxe, alternately mounted.

I fixed strips of transparent paper under the lamps for spreading the light.


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Now I am happy with the quality of the light.

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