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A lifetime drawing

A lifetime drawing

I have drawn my entire lifetime. Portraits have always been the utmost challenge.

Self portrait at the age of 17, charcoal.

Self portrait at the age of 17. 1968.

Portrait in pencil. Ben Lustenhouwer

Portrait of my little sister. 1975.

Even in school when learning to write, I tried to make faces out of numbers, creating smiles in threes and fives. I could get lost in this fantasy. Soon the schoolmaster noticed my aberration: ‘Stop dreaming Bennie!’ From that time, it started to go wrong with me at school and did not get any better in the years to come. But I did not suffer much from my maladjustment because silently I knew it would all be ok with me later. That has indeed come true. Out of my disability I have been able to make my strongest weapon. My guarantee of independence. I have been very lucky.

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One thought on “A lifetime drawing

By Russ in México on 10 August 2017

Thanks for sharing Ben. Interesting post. Love the sketch of your sister.

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